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Boeing 747-400F is a Wide-Body Cargo Aircraft ideal for long range operations efficiently.


Aircraft is equipped with roller loading system at both main and lower decks capable to load various pallets and containers.


Large cargo door enables to load oversize cargoes.  

Aircraft Type              : B747-400BCF     


Engine Type               : 4xGECF6-80


Cruising Speed          : 925Km/h


Cruising Altitude        : 10.600 m


Max Take Off Weight  : 395.000Kgs

Max Landing Weight  : 295.742Kgs

Max. Payload         : 122.000Kgs


Max Volume            :  768,5 cbm 


Main Deck Vol         :   598 cbm


Lower Deck Aft       :     69 cbm


Lower Deck Fwd     :    79 cbm

Bulk Volume             :   22 cbm

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