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Airbus A300-600F is wide-body medium-weight freighter with 47 ton payload capacity and up to 350 cbm total volume.


Aircraft range is up to 7.500km which is almost 7:30 hours flight time.


Aircraft Main cargo deck and lower compartments equipped with roller system for container and pallet loading.

Aircraft Type              : A300-600F     


Engine Type               : 2xGECF650


Cruising Speed          : 850Km/h


Cruising Altitude        : 10.500 m


Max Take Off Weight  : 171.000Kgs

Max Landing Weight  : 140.500Kgs

Max. Payload         :  46.887Kgs

Max Volume            :   356cbm 

Main Deck Vol         :   258 cbm


Lower Deck Fwd    :     47 cbm

Lower Deck Aft       :    33 cbm

Bulk Volume             :   18 cbm

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